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Suns Dominate Blazers in First Win of the Season


In their first win of the season, the Phoenix Suns beat the Portland Trailblazers by a score of 110-92 on the night of Steve Nash’s induction into the Ring of Honor.  This was quite the turnaround from Phoenix’s previous game.  The Suns were able increase their field goal percentage, which was dismal in their game against the Mavs.

In this game Phoenix shot 44.6% against the Blazers.  This is a vast improvement from the 39.1% that they shot the game before.  The Suns also played much better defense against Portland.  They had 13 steals and seven blocks against the Trailblazers as opposed to the three steals and three blocks that they had against Dallas.  The Suns held the Blazers to 39.5% shooting and forced 23 turnovers.  The Suns continue to own the boards.  They had 55 rebounds tonight while the Blazers only had 42.

The new-look Trailblazers look like they are still figuring out how to deal with their lineup changes this season.  This is to be expected at this point.  Despite these changes, Damien Lillard had a strong game.  He finished with 24 points, three rebounds, and six assists.  Lillard might be the only hope for Portland this season.

One issue that the Suns continue to have is three point shooting.  They only shot 22.2% on four for 18 shooting.  This should improve as the season goes on.

Jeff Hornacek was able to get a better rotation going in this game.  This was a problem last game because of early foul trouble.

Okay enough of the statistical analysis.  Let’s take a look at Which Suns Shone the Brightest?

1. Tyson Chandler

Chandler had 15 points and 13 rebounds.  This was the production that all Suns fans were hoping for when Chandler signed in Phoenix.  He had some strong dunks and owned the Blazers on the boards.  Chandler also added a block, a steal, and an assist to that stat line.  The Suns were able to run a few more successful plays to Chandler in this game as opposed to the one against the Mavericks, since the Blazers were not able to scope out Chandler’s moves like the Mavs could.  This is only one of many double-doubles that I’m sure we’ll see from Chandler.

2. Eric Bledsoe

Bledsoe had a team high 22 points in this game.  He also added two boards and three assists.  Bledsoe had a bit of a tough game in the season opener and this game will help him with gaining some confidence back.  Bled had some good, strong drives to the basket tonight.  Those were not coming easily to him in the game against the Mavericks, but tonight he found some lanes and got some good looks close to the rim.

3. T.J. Warren

It was a great game for Warren.  He had 17 points, six rebounds, and an assist off the bench.  The Phoenix bench played well tonight and they were led by Warren.  It’s looking like Warren could start taking some minutes from P.J. Tucker.  In this game Tucker played 23 minutes, while Warren played 21.  I think that if Warren continues to play well he will end up getting more minutes than Tucker.

It was a strong showing for the Suns.  They will head to Portland to take on the Blazers tomorrow, October 31 at 7:00 pm PT.

Mitch Krmpotich

Gonzaga University class of 2016. I'm a longtime college basketball writer and a big NBA fan. I'm also a die hard Broncos, Avalanche, Zags, and Suns fan.

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