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Pelicans Review Weeks 11 & 12

In the past two weeks the Pelicans have gone 2-4. Now normally you’d say “man, we’re so bad. Let’s just throw the rest of this season away and be done with it”. Well, I don’t think that’s the case. Because through these last 6 games our team (though inconsistent) has played their best basketball of the season. And while it’s still not at the level of the elite teams, it’s easily that of a playoff caliber team. We took one of the 5-6 best teams in the league (Clippers) to overtime, held 3 of our 6 opponents to under 100 points (one other to just 100), and showed that when our team is clicking, we can be really good even without Anthony Davis.


We’ve had our mishaps this week, don’t get me wrong. We’ve blown multiple leads this week (just like throughout the rest of the season). We even lost to a Lakers team that couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives (I’m still blaming this on the refs. I don’t care if you guys call me salty). But man, when we weren’t blowing huge leads we looked damn good. Even with a super cold Jrue Holiday against the Kings and Hornets (combined 8-24 shooting), injured Tyreke (only 7 minutes against the Kings), and Anthony Davis acting like he’s playing for nothing, other guys were still able to step up when we needed it the most. Omer Asik had three straight games with 10+ rebounds for the first time this season, Ryan Anderson finally got his groove back after dropping a few straight duds, and Norris Cole even had his first decent game of the season against Sac Town (though still terrible, he was way better than any other time this season).


Through our next 10 games, only 1 team is more than 3 games above .500. We play three of the worst teams in the NBA (Timberwolves, Nets, Lakers), 4 middling teams (Pistons, Rockets, Grizzlies twice, and the Kings), and a top 2 team in the Spurs. Our schedule gets even easier from there, so all these tanking talks are baffling to me. What’s the point in tanking? Unless we get the number one pick there’s no one for us to take that will help us now. Every player in the top 10 right now besides Ben Simmons is either not somebody our team needs, or a project pick. So if we were to tank, and we missed out on the number 1 pick (which is incredibly likely) then we’d be screwed out of a full season. Tanking would also really hurt us on the free agent market. No good free agent wants to go to a rebuilding team. That’s why we need to win. We need to make moves, and get back into the playoffs. We aren’t far from it, and it gets more likely every day that we can get there. Especially with the Jazz, Kings, and Suns falling apart.

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