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Pelicans Weeks 9 & 10 Review

We may be witnessing the most inconsistent team in the history of the NBA right now. There have been times this season where we look like an elite team. We run our offense at a really high level, play defense like nobody’s business, and just dismantle the other team’s weaknesses. But then there are all the other times where we look like middle school kids trying to do NBA level things. Our team’s basketball IQ seems to be that of a rock when they aren’t hitting shots. We commit stupid turnovers, iso at the worst possible times, and break down on defense when it matters the most. Every single week this season we’ve seen something else go wrong. Injuries on top of injuries for the first month, then coaching problems for a while, and now our players seem to have gotten their brains stolen by aliens, making them impossibly stupid. Something else has to be wrong with this team, and us fans just can’t see it.


We all know this roster has amazing talent. AD (when he actually communicates with his teammates and seems to care) is a top 3 player in the NBA. Reke is a fantastic offensive player when he’s not trying to do it all himself (this isn’t him being stupid, as so many of you think. He’s just had to do that so often in his career that it comes natural to him. So when we’re down by 10, Reke goes in to hero mode). Eric Gordon is still one of the best shooters in the NBA when he’s not colder than cold. And Jrue has been absolutely fantastic off the bench. I think it’s almost time for the Pelicans front office to start making some moves. Once we get Pondexter back out there and we see how they play (should be much improved, just like last season when Q-Pon joined our team), we’ll know what we need to do.


I don’t think we’ll get rid of Ryno (like so many peopledo) unless we get a stellar deal. I think Ryno only leaves if we get a really good, big wing defender in return who can play “small ball 4” next to AD (who needs to permanently be moved to our starting center position).  And there aren’t many, if any of those players available. This is why we should’ve just never let Aminu leave.


We’re 1-3 in our last 4, but I don’t think that’s bad enough for another big panic like at the beginning of the season. We’ve played some really hot teams, and we’re playing another tonight. For reference, Miami was 5-2 in their last 7 before we played them. Houston was 4-1 in their last 5. Orlando was 5-2 through their last 7 before we played them. The Clippers won 4 in a row before they beat us. And the Mavs are 5-2 through their last 7. Our schedule can only get easier from this point on, and we can only get better.


Also, can we all stop talking about throwing the season away and tanking? We’re only 4.5 games out of the playoffs, and tanking never works anyone. You all want Ben Simmons when in reality we’d probably just end up with someone in a position we don’t need (only 2 of the top 10 players right now aren’t a guard or big man).

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