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Pelicans Weeks 7 & 8 Review

I don’t even have anything to say about these last two weeks. Our play has been so inconsistent. First at times we play like we want to win a championship, and then at other times we play like we’re worse than the Sixers. What is it going to take for some consistency? Do we need to make a trade like last season? I would hope not, but it’s looking more and more likely. Our only consistently good player this season has been Ish Smith, and guess where he is right now? Riding the end of the bench in place of Norris “I love elbow jumpers over layups” Cole.


Now see, I love Alvin Gentry. His offense system is exactly what our team needs. Fast paced, balls to the wall style offense is great. But when you have defensive players out the ass like we do, you can’t be dead last in the league on that end of the ball. You also can’t keep trotting out Omer Asik over Alexis Ajinca, even though time and time again we’ve shown that we play better with Ajinca. Gentry keeps throwing out lineups that don’t even work on paper. Just last night he played a lineup of Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Norris Cole, Anthony Davis, and Omer Asik. Anybody want to explain to me how that was ever going to work? Two points who need the ball in their hands (Reke and Norris) and a complete offensive and defensive liability (Omer Asik) kept our best damn player from even touching the ball when we were down by 15.


We’re very clearly reaching the point of no return. Our current record makes my heart hurt, but if we don’t turn things around within the next ten games it’s all over for us. The only things that could save us at this point are Quincy Pondexter making us great like he did last season, or Darren Erman taking over head coaching duties from Alvin Gentry. Now that second may not make much sense. “We just signed Gentry this offseason, we need to give him time to work it all out.” And I completely agree with this. But, if we end up being a top 5 lottery team by the end of the offseason, I expect Dell Demps to be removed from his role as GM, and our new GM to make this coaching change. Darren is a defensive wizard (made the Warriors and Celtics elite defensive teams) who has worked under three coaches who were pretty dang good on the offensive end (Doc Rivers, Brad Stevens, and Alvin Gentry). I think he could come in to a head coaching role in the same way that Tom Thibodeau did, being a defensive assistant who made team’s defenses way better, and bring us immediate success. Now I’m not ready to give up on Gentry yet. I still like the guy’s system, and he has plenty of time to turn it around. But I think if he doesn’t turn it around, it would be better to cut our losses early rather than waste a few more years of AD’s career. I don’t want to turn into the Timberwolves with KG.


I honestly don’t have any other explanations for our team at this point. Injuries killed us early on, putting us into a deep hole, but even with our second best player back we have improved. We’re totally inconsistent with our lineups, how hard we play, and what our team looks like. It’s getting ridiculous, and hopefully we can turn it around before people really start to call for our management’s heads.

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