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Pelicans Week 5 Review

What a weird week this has been. We come into the beginning of the week with our first win streak of the season, looking like we’re on our way back to the top, and then suddenly fall off again while playing like we did for the first 10 games. First we kick the Suns butts (twice), and then have ours handed back to us by the Clippers just a few days later. And not in a subtle way either.


Our team shot 36% from the field, 25% from three, and only scored 90 points against a team that’s been pretty bad on defense lately. And then we let them shoot 48% from the field, 37% from three, and allowed them to score 111 points. We also just so happened to see AD go down once again from a none basketball move by our former superstar Chris Paul (obviously it wasn’t intentional. Players do things like that all the time. But there’s no reason to initiate contact with a 7 footer, push into him and then flop away when you’re already up by 20. It was a pretty scummy move with how the game was going down if you ask me). Then subsequently after that injury, our team was handed multiple technical fouls by Ken Mauer, the only referee in the league who wouldn’t hold his whistle in that situation (especially after he gave them that call even though it wasn’t a foul on AD since Chris initiated contact). But hey, at least it wasn’t a serious injury. We’ll probably sit AD for a game or two, but I can’t be too angry since Tyreke will be back soon.


There are still reasons for us to be optimistic though. We’re still on pace with the Thunder record last year (they finished tied with us at 45 wins for the 8th seed). And on top of that, we have the 3rd easiest schedule through the rest of the season (the easiest after the all-star break). We may be 4-12 right now, but we’re still only 4 games (FOUR GAMES?!?) out of the 8th seed. The West has definitely regressed this season (thankfully), and we still have a huge shot at the playoffs this year (especially when other teams hit hard patches in their schedule while we’re riding through this field of posies we have for the rest of the way).


Ish Smith is still playing like he’d be a good starter off our bench. Ryan Anderson is still playing like he wants a max contract. Eric Gordon is still an awesome shooter. And Anthony Davis has out of nowhere started TRYING on the boards. Our players are playing hard right now, our record is improving slowly but surely, and we still don’t have our second best player back. We can still only get better from here. As long as we go out here tonight and whoop up on the Jazz (screw them for stealing our team and our name), we’ll still look good.

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