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Pelicans Week 4 Review

Last night against the Spurs, our Pelicans played one of the best quarters of basketball I’ve ever seen. Including some fantastic offense and some of the best defense I’ve ever seen from a New Orleans team, I got hyped about a game for the first time this season. Seeing the joy and excitement on our teams faces (especially Anthony Davis and his fistpumps) made this whole season so far a lot more bearable. We still had some rough spots, but damn we looked good last night.


We didn’t look good earlier in the week though.  We still struggled in the exact same way we have all season. No rebounding, terrible defense, and laziness. Our team was still putting up some good individual numbers (AD had 36 against the Knicks, Ryno dropped 30 against the Thunder), but these great individual numbers weren’t enough to get us any wins. Until last night anyway.


Against the Spurs, one of the top defenses in the NBA so far this season, Ryan Anderson scored 30 for the second consecutive game, Ish Smith had 13 assists, and Anthony Davis had a near 20-20 game. For the first time in his career, Tim Duncan finished without a rebound. We held the Spurs to 40% shooting to the field while shooting 45% ourselves. Even with Omer Asik barely playing (only clocked 12 minutes on Friday) we won the rebounding battle, on both offense and defense. If our team continues to play this hard, it could be our turning point. Both Tyreke Evans and Norris Cole appear to be ahead of schedule, and could be back on our team within the next 2 weeks. When those two return our guard rotation will finally be strong enough to play hard for 48 minutes instead of just the first 24.


People will remain skeptical of our team. Lots of people think we should just tank the season away. But they weren’t saying that when the Thunder started 3-12 last year. We absolutely still have a chance at making the playoffs, and we should definitely take it. It’s time for our team to turn it around, and for us to start believing in them.

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