Pelicans Week 3 Review

Our team seemed to completely turn it around at the beginning of this week. The team found a great balance against the Mav and pulled out our first win. Then for the first 3 quarters of the game against the Hawks we looked elite (before collapsing in the 4th for yet another loss). And the story was the same for last night’s game against the Raptors. We looked good in the first half, but our offense failed us. There was no ball movement, and every shot seemed to be contested. Injuries are still really hampering this team. And it seems more apparent than ever now, because our team seemed elite this week, we just lacked the depth to stay elite for the entire game.


The game against the Mavs was great for us. Ryan Anderson went off with a great 25-11 game, Ish Smith had his best game of the season with a career high 12 assists, and despite AD missing the whole second half our team played great. The biggest change for us is Omer Asik returning from injury. During the offseason the New Orleans front office was criticized heavily for signing Asik to a deal that seemed like a lot for a guy who can’t do anything on offense. But when you see the difference he makes on defense, you know why we made that deal. Before Asik’s return teams were scoring 114.6 points were game against us. Opponents scoring has now dropped to 103.6 ppg, and that’s without Anthony Davis on the floor for us. Asik is seriously a game changer for us, and he’s absolutely worth that money for now.


Through the first two weeks, our team seemed to half a truly potent offense and a seriously week defense.  And now it looks like that’s flip flopped. Teams have had trouble shooting against us this week. The only time our defense seems to falter is the fourth quarter (which I can only assume is from fatigue since we only have 9 guys suited up for the games, and one of them is Jimmer Fredette).


We’re most likely looking at a few more loses in the upcoming weeks. Unless we can win our next two games (at Knicks, then home against the Nuggets), we could be looking at a huge losing streak since our next two games after that are against the Thunder in OKC and the Spurs in New Orleans. As long as this AD injury doesn’t keep him out for an extended period of time, we should be able to pull out at least a couple wins in the next two weeks. But hey if we don’t, at least we have our pick, right?

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