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Another Bad Week from the Pelicans

1 more week, 3 more losses. The defense continues to get worse. Our team continues to collapse at the worst possible moments. Others teams are walking into the paint against us, getting wide open threes against us, and really just putting up huge numbers against our team.


We’re one of the worst rebounding team in the NBA. Second to last in total rebounds (39.6), bottom 5 in defensive rebounds (30.6) and bottom 10 in offensive rebounds (9 per game). We’re also giving up a huge amount of rebounds to our opponents. Bottom 5 in total rebounds (48.2), second to last in defensive rebounds (39.0), but we’re actually top 10 in opponent’s offensive rebounds per game (probably because they’re making so many shots).


We’re second to last in point differential (scoring 103 point per game which is good enough for tenth in the NBA, but we’re giving up 116 points per game). We’re second to last in opponent’s field goal percentage (49.2%). Bottom of the league in opponent’s three pointers made (10.2 per game) while also being second to last in opponent’s 3 point field goal percentage (41.2%). We’re middle of the pack in opponent’s free throws per game (23.6 per game), but our luck is bad enough that we’re last in opponent’s free throw percentage (83.9%). We’re last in the league in opponent’s assist per game, and bottom 15 in opponent’s turnovers. Just to sum this part up, our defensive is atrocious. We are missing two of our best defensive players in Tyreke and Asik, and our second best defensive player (Jrue) is on a limit restriction, but this is still inexcusable. It’s absolutely pitiful.


But there’s a Brightside to all of this. Despite our starting point guard being Ish Smith and our starting small forward being Luke Babbiit, we have a fantastic offense (at times). We’re top 10 in assists (23), while being bottom 10 in turnovers (14.6). We’re top 10 in points per game, but in the bottom half for shooting percentage. Our pace is massively improved over last season, though our offensive rating has shot down into the bottom half after being top 10 last season. Our offense has been strong even with 3rd string players in our starting lineup and our players not being used to the system. Not bad. But there’s a larger problem (though it seems to be fixing itself in the last two games).


AD is being a bum. He’s starting to complain about every call that’s made. Every time he makes a mistake he lets it get to him. You can really see a missed shot from him effect his defense. Every time he’s not shooting well he seems to forget there’s another side to the game. And I don’t think anyone has ever seen this from AD. The guy has always played his hardest, even when we were absolutely terrible just a few seasons ago. It’s a really strange thing, but it seems to be going away as they play more games. He had a few really nice games lately, but his teammates have been screwing us over at the worst time (we are currently the worst fourth quarter team in the history of basketball it seems). It’s looking like we won’t win a game until we get either Asik or Reke back.


There’s obviously still hope for this season, but everyone is still angry. We were supposed to come out of the gates firing this season, but instead we’ve fallen flat on our faces. A few more losses and we’ll already be out of the playoff picture (see: OKC last season. It took a super record from them after their terrible start to even get them to 9th place). But hey, at least we have our 1st round pick this year, right?

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