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Celebrate! – 3 Men and a Beard Podcast

Finally a win! This week we recorded a podcast the day after our first (and potentially only) post season victory to ensure that we would have something positive to talk about. And boy… did we have some positive things to talk about. We some how talked for like 30 minutes about the first two games that were both losses, so if you just want to skip over that to the Game 3 discussion that is fine with us.

Things we talked about: How Curry’s injury has effected the series, Brewer starting game 1, Shaun Livingston, Playoff D-Mo, Harden’s game winner, the “Last two minute official report” and whether or not we got gifted game 3, Draymond Green’s MMA takedown, rant against the “Houston not celebrating Harden’s game winner” story, rant against Charles Barkley, TNT’s “Not neccessary” graphic.

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