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The worst way to go out – 3 Men and a Beard Podcast

We recorded later than we anticipated we would, but I think we needed time to get over the disappointing losses to the Mavs and Suns (seriously, how could we lose to the Suns!?)

This is where I would talk about what we dicussed in the podcast. But honestly, I won’t blame you guys for skipping this one. I mean, we spend the majority of the time talking about how we had set ourselves up nicely to take the 6th seed after beating the Thunder… only to lose the next two games to weaker teams.

We did discuss a few other things regarding the Rockets besides this recent slide out of the playoffs. A report from ESPN talking about how both Bickerstaff and Morey are both on the hot seat. How likely we are to bounce back next year. And Harden tying Moses Malone’s franchise record for 12 40 point games in a single season.

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