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Rockets bounce back from bad loss, beat Wolves

A day ago after the Rockets had a players only meeting, Pat Beverly told reporters “I feel sorry for the team we play tomorrow” referring to the new positive attitude the team had after the players only meeting.

Fortunately, the Rockets did not disappoint. And Pat Beverly didn’t disappoint, ending the game with 18 points and a career high 10 assists. He scored 9 of those points in the 1st quarter as the Rockets finished leading 31-23.

The defense looked great, with the Rockets leading by 13, 24-11 midway through the first. The Wolves chipped away at that lead, actually tied it at 44 with a few minutes to go in the half, and then went into half time only down by 2.
But the Rockets quickly came out scoring in the 3rd, pushing the lead to as much as 12. Harden would score 14 of his 29 points in the 3rd. And the game was for the most part never in doubt after that. The Wolves would manage to close within 5 or 6 a few times in the 4th, but the Rockets would be able to quickly answer.

Other notes:
-All 5 starters scored in double figures tonight
-D-Mo had 17 points and 9 rebounds on 8-12 shooting. Played 26 minutes. He looked a little better on D than he has in the past couple of games, although wouldn’t say he was great on that end.
-Interesting note on D-Mo, one of the sequences where the Wolves got within 6 points of the Rockets, D-Mo responed with an offensive rebound and putback, and then the next play got the steal by trapping Lavine on the screen, and passing it to Beasley for the transition slam
-Beasley had 17 points on 8-14 shooting. This makes the past 5 games where he’s scored at least 10 and shot atleast 50% from the floor. He played 26 minutes, which is the most he’s played other than the 27 he played against Memphis.
-Beasley and D-Mo being able to log over 50 minutes combined was very important because Minnisota plays with a big front court. And more importantly, having 2 bigs that can hit free throws means that Houston is a lot more immune to the hack-a-strategy. Minnesota fouled Capela to put Houston at the bonus, but we quickly subbed him out for Beasley and that effectively ended that strategy.

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