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Houston beat NOLA 100-95

If you had told me that before the game Houston would score only 100 points, commit 21 turnovers, shoot 3-34 from the 3 point line. and allow the Pelicans to shoot 14-36 from 3 themselves… I would’ve assumed we lost the game.

But no, we won because of a thing called defense. Something we haven’t seen out of the Rockets too often, and rarely against teams that are in the top half of the league in offensive rating.

Houston was able to win a close game by relying on defense. It was 93-87 with 3 minutes left in the game. But the Pelicans would only score off of two Ryan Anderson free throws for the remainder of the game. Houston would go on to take the lead on a Harden drive that led to a Pat Beverly 3 with 50 seconds to go in the game. That 3 was the 1st in the 2nd half and only the 3rd in the entire game.

They held the Pelicans to 40% shooting and forced 23 turnovers (and only allowed them to go to the line 13 times). Davis had an inefficient 12 points on 13 shots. Anderson and Gordon were 5-20 and 5-11 from the field respectively.

Hopefully this is a lesson to the Rockets, because they know that now they can have sub-par offensive nights and still win games by playing solid defense.

Other notes:
-Harden led the team in points (39), rebounds (12), assists (7), steals (tied with Ariza at 4) and TOs (8).
-Howard had a 16 and 9 night, Beverly had a 15 and 9 night
-Norris Cole was the leading scorer for the Pelicans with 21.
-The 3-34 the Rockets shot from 3 tonight was the lowest percentage a Rockets team has shot from 3 in games where at least 30 3s were attempted.

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