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Houston comes back from 21 to beat Trailblazers

Portland scored 64 points in the first half, and pushed the lead to 21 a few minutes into the 3rd. I’ll admit, I stopped paying attention to the game and busted out my phone to play some Candy Crush. Then out of the corner of my eye I see the Rockets start to make a comeback.

They got it to within 4 late in the 3rd. Harden never went to the bench and they eventually took the lead with about 7 minutes left in the game. They were able to score, but more importantly, they strung together a quarter and a half of elite defense. They gave up just 12 points in the 4th quarter all together while scoring 33 on the offensive side.

When the game finally ended, it was 119-105. Harden had 46 on 16-26 shooting. Howard added 19. Brewer, Terry and Beverly all scored in double figures as well. Ariza had a 1-10 shooting night, but held Lillard to an innefficent 6-20 shooting on the other end.

The first three games after the all-star break have been kind of hard to judge in terms of where Houston stands as a team this season. There was the expected blowout against Phoenix. A close loss to a team we really needed to beat in the Jazz. A comeback win against another team we really needed to beat in the Blazers.

Houston has shown us stretches where they’ve played horrible on the defensive side of the ball and stretches where they’ve played awesome. Yet it’s hard to say that a corner has been turned because we have yet to play well consistently.

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