Rockets beat Suns 111-105

The Rockets win another game in which they trail by more than 10. They let the Suns get out to an early 15 point lead and that led Bickerstaff to bench his entire starting line-up 4 minutes into the game. It wouldn’t be until late in the 2nd quarter that they would be able to tie the game up.

They took control of the game in the 3rd, but let Phoenix creep back into the game in the 4th quarter. They only scored 3 points in the first 6 minutes of the 4th as Phoenix went to a zone defense. But ball movement and some clutch 3 point shooting allowed Houston to comfortably put the game away.

With the general game summary out of the way, lets play a game I like to call “who’s line was that?”

22PT, 7-15FG, 3-8’3P’, 5-8FT, 3REB, 2AST, 4STL

Seems like a James Harden stat line to me. Maybe a little low on the assists and rebounds. But wait, no, that was Ariza that put this stat-line up. Ariza had a pretty stellar game and this time he didn’t have to make 7 3s to get there.

24PT, 9-12FG, 3-5’3P’, 3-3FT, 0REB, 1AST, 4STL

Again, solid Harden-esque line. Very efficient from the floor. But the lack of free throws, rebounds, and assists probably should be a big clue that this was another player. Did you guess Corey Brewer? Because if you did, you got it right. Brewer led the team with 24 points on 12 shots. With most of them actually coming from inside the 3 point line.

17pts, 4-19FG, 2-9’3P’, 7-7FT, 9reb, 6ast, 2stl

Ok, this is Harden’s actual line. A classic bad game for Harden. It’s kind of hard to fault him, not every game can be great. He’s been on a stretch where he’s averaged over 30 a game and nearly 9 assists, but that streak ends here.

But it is kind of weird that he’s the 3rd best game of the Rockets wings. 4th if you want to throw in Lawsons more efficient 12 points on 4-9 shooting.

The other thing of note to mention is the Rockets defense. The defense has been very inconsistent, and the Suns aren’t that great of an offensive team to begin with, but Houston held them to 39% shooting and forced 24 turnovers. Houston has been known to let bad offensive teams go off on them, but that didn’t happen here.

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