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Rockets take care of business against Lakers

Houston blows out the Lakers for the 3rd straight time winning 112-95.

Houston had been missing from the 3 point line recently. And had their 3rd straight game where they shot below 30% from the 3 point line. This after a month and a half of shooting the 2nd highest percentage in the league from 3.

They made up the deficiency from outside of the arc by setting a season high in points in the paint with 70. Capela and Howard both had double doubles (14p, 11r and 14p, 15r respectively). Harden had 31 points in 27 minutes played after having a bad night against Cleveland.

The Lakers were able to score on the Rockets at will in the first half. They had 34 points after the 1st quarter and 57 at the half (only trailing by 3 at the break). But then Houston put on the breaks in a major way in the 3rd quarter. With only 6 minutes left in the 3rd, the Lakers had only scored 5 points. At 3 minutes left they had only scored 9. Houston was up by 19 by this point, and would mostly play bench players the rest of the game. The Lakers would go on to salvage the 3rd by scoring 9 points against the Rockets bench for the last 3 minutes in the quarter.

There really isn’t much to take away from this game. It’s obviously bad that we let a horrible shooting team in the Lakers score 57 in a half. But then it’s nice to see Houston have another stretch where they play elite defense for an extended stretch in the game, which allowed them to effectively put the team away.

Houston plays the Clippers tommorow (Monday). But the Rockets starters all played less than 30 minutes, so the fatigue factor shouldn’t be as much of an issue. And they are playing in the exact same arena as well, so travel shouldn’t be bad.

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