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A comparison to last year’s team

I typically don’t like writing blog posts right after losses, because I don’t think I could write anything past repeated statements of disbelief that we have gotten swept by both the New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets, and lost back to back games that we definitely should’ve won.

What was even worse was the Kings game was a 9 PM start, so it didn’t end untill around midnight, and after the 2nd loss in as many nights I would probably be too upset to get to sleep. So I just took a day off from work today to sleep off the dissapointment. This is not a joke, by the way. What’s a joke is the Rockets getting swept by the Nuggets and Nets this season.

See? It’s already started. So lets get away from the negativity and let’s jump into some numbers. The team has been disappointing to say the least, and I wanted to explore what might have changed this year. ¬†For the first 15 games of the season, there were a lot of things wrong with the team. The defense was bad, no one was hitting 3s, and no one outside of Harden was consistently giving you scoring. But a few of those things have improved a little. I made a table with some stats comparing this years team to last years team, as well as looking at the past 10 games.

Attention: The internal data of table “1” is corrupted!

A few key things stick out:

  1. We were a pretty horrible 3 point shooting team to start the season, but over the past 10 games we’ve been relatively hot from behind the 3 point line so hopefully the bad shooting is behind us.
  2. Our offensive efficiency over the past 10 games compared to last year is better. It probably just means that we’re healthier this year, and guys like Marcus Thornton have actually been pretty good on that side of the ball.
  3. Our defensive efficiency is far worse than last year, but all of the things we’re bad at this year we were also bad at last year. Letting opponents score inside, score off of fast breaks and score off of turnovers in general. I did a little more snooping and couldn’t find one or two single things that we are doing much worse than last year. But just in general the opponent has a better shooting percentage at all of the different ranges. So it’s really hard to pin down specific things that we aren’t doing this year.

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