Harden jumper with 7 seconds left in the game pushes Rockets over Mavs

It was one of those streaky games where one team would go on a run, only to have the other team respond with a run of their own. Neither team was able to build a huge lead. And in the 4th, the game was won with a James Harden jumper that pushed the lead to 4 points with 7 seconds left in the game.

It’s Houston’s first win against a good team in a long time. The first time they’ve won a game and held the opposing team to under 100 points. And all of the sudden they’ve won 4 out of their last 5 games.

It’s worth mentioning the level of opponent lately hasn’t been the best. New York (with Anthony out), Philly, Detroit, New Orleans and Dallas. And we’ve let teams do things that we shouldn’t be letting them do. Like Philly having a 7 point lead in the 4th after going the quarter down 10. Or letting guys like Aaron Afflalo and Reggie Jackson score 30 on you. Or maybe having New York and Detroit shoot nearly 60% from the field for an entire game.

But at the same time, you do see a few positive things, especially in the past two games. Playing solid defense for two games in a row against two teams that aren’t bad on the offensive end. Playing with more intensity on the defensive end generating turnovers and on the boards.

And having legitimately above average games from multiple Rockets other than Harden. On Wednesday it was Lawson, Brewer, Jones coming off the bench and having big games. Today it was the starters. Ariza, Beverly, and Jones (who started in place of Howard).

Other notes:
-Howard sat out. Resting because the Rockets are playing 5 games this week. Which means Capela was the the primary big tonight. He had a solid game defensively and picked up 10 rebounds (5 of them offensive rebounds), but was 0 for 5 from the floor with only 2 points.
-Houston shot 46% from 3. It isn’t the highest percentage we’ve shot from 3, but it has to be in the top 3 or 5.
-Lawson is coming off of 2 games where he scored more than 10 points and had a eFG% of more than 50%. This game he only had 8 points on 3-8 shooting.
-D-Mo has been cleared for practice since Tuesday. BJ Bickerstaff has hinted he plans on slowly working D-Mo back by giving him playing time in games. He hasn’t played yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get minutes in the next couple of games.

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