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Knicks beat Houston at home for first time in 11 years

Knicks beat the Rockets in a close game, making it Houston’s 6th loss in the past 7 games. In many ways this loss was the opposite of of the Portland victory where the Rockets played horrible for most of the game but got hot in the 4th, eeked out a last second 3 pointer to force overtime.

In this case, the Rockets played the Knicks pretty close the whole game. Didn’t have any stretches where they played glaringly horrible ball. But just lost it in the last minute as the Knicks made 1 more play than the Rockets did.

A few notes:
-The offense seemed to function pretty well (relative to how they have been the past few weeks). All 5 starters scored in double figures, including a 16 point, 14 rebound game from Clint Capela (both carreer highs) and a 24 – 10 game from Harden
-Houston shot 44% from 3 tonight.
-Howard didn’t play (2nd night of a back to back). Yet despite having the big height disadvantage, we actually held our own on the boards.
-Got to see Knicks Power Forward Porzingis play for the first time. He’s a real player. Heard he was having a good start to the season. Had 24 points, 14 rebounds and 7 blocked shots. Anthony only played 25 minutes due to foul trouble, so Porzingis had to carry a lot of the load.

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