Houston comes back from down 17 to beat Portland

Ok, so lets get the realism out of the way. We beat a 4-9 Portland team at home. And only barely. We wouldn’t be able to play this way against most teams in the league and get away with it..blah blah blah.

Now that we’ve said that, allow me to gush over the exiting victory we just pulled off. Down 17 late in the 3rd. End up outscoring them 38-23 in the fourth, including a game winning 3 from Corey “Steel Ballz” Brewer (who is hitting sub-20% from 3 this year). I haven’t shouted explitives at my TV in a long time, but a comeback like that will do it.

Maybe we shouldn’t be excited about this victory in a “grand scheme of things” mode. But we’re coming into todays game having lost 4 in a row and 4-7 to start the season… I think we’re okay taking victories any way we can get them.

Other notes about the game:
-Jason Terry started and played 29 minutes. I’m not sure I agree with this move, but certainly Ty Lawson isn’t playing well enough to justify the minutes either.
-Harden had another 45 point game but on 11-29 shooting. Somewhat inefficient shooting night for him. That being said, he was a big part of the comeback. Playing the entire 2nd half and scored 16 of the last 19 Rockets points (the other 3 of course coming from Brewers game tying shot). He actually posted his man up more in the 4th quarter and had success doing so. The guy guarding him was usually smaller, so this might’ve been a matchup thing, but maybe this could be something we see more in future games.
-The first three quarters of the game reminded you of everything that went wrong with the team during that 4 game losing streak. We let the other team score on the offensive end, couldn’t get the ball in the hoop to save our lives. We shot under 30% from the field during those 3 quarters.
-The defense was better. And not just in the 4th. We held the Trailblazers to under 40% shooting.

I should probably talk about McHale being fired. Jazz and I recorded a podcast Tuesday where we talked about the potential for McHale to lose his job. I believe we both agreed it probably wouldn’t happen and probably shouldn’t happen. And then the next morning we hear that he gets fired. So poor timing on our part I suppose.

In any case, I can’t speak for Jazz, but I am fine with McHale getting fired. Morey isn’t one to make panic moves. So my thinking is that there was something going on that wasn’t public that was part of why he got fired.

I kind of feel bad the way things turned out. McHale seems like a nice guy and I wish him the best.

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