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Rockets losing streak now at 4

Of all the storylines going around the NBA, Houston’s struggles to start the season has to be one of the weirdest. They start off losing their first 3 games all by 20. Then go on a 4 game winning steak including wins against the Thunder and Clippers, only to lose to 4 mediocre teams in a row.

I am typically not one to overreact to the highs and lows that take place during the season. Fans tend to look for quick fixes, like benching struggling vets for unproven young guys. Or even going as far as to question whether the coach should lose his job. We probably shouldn’t be doing that this early in the season.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t be satisfied with what the team has done to start the season. I am fine with calling out the team for under performing. But they aren’t going to play this bad the whole year.  There are a few points that make me confidant we’ll be able to flip the switch and go back to playing like last year:

We’ve seen the team be successful under more dire circumstances: When people want to figure out what could be wrong with the team. They might point to Ty Lawson’s addition to the squad. Or the injuries to D-Mo, Terrance Jones, Beverly and Dwight (due to sitting out on back to backs). But we’re quick to forget that last year we had to deal with a constantly changing line-up, playing with guys that hadn’t been in this system before. And we were able to play passable defense with guys like Dorsey, Canaan and Tarik Black (I had to look that one up) as main parts of the line-up.

One big advantage to having already come off a year where we went through all of that adversity is that we can look back on that experience and feel confidant about being able to get through these early season woes. Imagine if the Rockets started the season 4-7 last year. You would actually be able to draw the conclusion that the loss of Parsons, Lin and Asik, combined with injuries made the team much more fragile and one dimensional. But because it’s happening after a year where we have shown we’re good, there’s more confidence that they can turn it around.

Which leads me to the next point.

There is no obvious thing wrong with the team to start the season: If we were forced to pick one thing wrong with the team. I would probably pick the defense. We were #6 in the league last year, and have yet to hold a team under 100 points this year. But there are far more things we could point to. The offense hasn’t been the best either. We’re still near the top of the league in points in the paint, but our 3 point shooting is pretty abysmal. And specific players have had stretches where they’ve been awful on the offensive end in general.

This sounds like a horrible thing, and in some ways it is, because it means that their are multiple things that need “fixed”. But the reason why this could be looked at as a positive thing is because it means there isn’t one huge weakness that is keeping the Rockets from winning these games. Honestly, they just need to get back to playing the same ball they have before.

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