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Rockets fall to 0-2 as Warriors roll to a 112-92 win

Wow, that’s all I can say after the Rockets lose their second game in a row and of the season, both by 20 points.

Before I get into some of the things I liked and didn’t like about the game, ill get this off of my chest right away, James Harden had a terrible shooting night and his supporting cast didn’t do much better. The beard himself went 4-18 and only one of those was a 3 pointer (oh yeah he missed 9 of those in total). The team as a whole made 30 field goals on 82 attempted and the only real bright spot of the game was the rookie from Louisville Montrezl Harrell, but we’ll get into that a little later.

Let’s get into the first quarter a little bit. This was far and away the most even quarter of the game, not just because the score was 30-29 to close it out but the intensity that both teams brought was very easy to see. Whenever one team would make a shot the other team was there to answer back. Even with such a high scoring quarter the defence was decent by both teams as well. Ty seemed a little lost at points guarding Steph (who doesn’t) as he kept going under screens and was giving Curry several open three, however there were other times where Ty was able to body up Curry and make him take a bad shot. On the other end Draymond Green was able to draw two fouls on Dwight, forcing Coach McHale to sit him down for the rest of the Quarter, keeping him to only 2 points in the first quarter.

The most positive part of the quarter though came from the 32nd pick in this draft, Montrezl Harrell who was able to constantly get in scoring positions throughout the quarter whether it was being in the right position for a rebound and put back or being the recipient of a sweet wrap around pass by Clint Capela for a dunk, he even showed a nice up and under move to get a lay-up, and while yes this performance also came with an ill advised foul on a Steph three to go with a silly technical foul after a dunk, Harrell’s play tonight should convince McHale to extend more minutes to the big guy.

Moving onto the second quarter (and I don’t want to talk about this one too much), this quarter had some pretty poor defence by the rockets and to be honest some pretty bad offence as well. The rockets allowed 27 point and only recorded 15 of their own.

James Harden’s jumper wasn’t falling early so he (finally) went back to his bread and butter and started aggressively drawing fouls but basically everything else just wasn’t falling, and I feel bad saying that because it seems like a cop out to use the excuse that “shots weren’t falling” because for all of the talk in the off-season how this was the year that the rockets are going to use more motion in their offence, I saw a lot of one pass plays where basically the play was to move a player from one side of the court to the other and then let him dribble through the clock only to take a bad jump shot.

The defence was better in the third as the rockets were able to get a lot of defensive stops but they just weren’t able to capitalize and Houston were still down by 14 to end the quarter. The only other point to take away from the third was how well the Warriors played Howard, whenever the ball was dumped down low for a post up opportunity the warriors move was to double Howard straight away, making him frustrated and turn the ball over. Howard was able to counter this one time and get an assist by passing to an open Ariza in the opposite corner. I’m not sure what the Rockets can do to counter this going forward but something needs to change because we aren’t going anywhere if Dwight ending his night with 9 points (on 4-11 shooting) and 7 rebound is the norm going forward and not an aberration.

The rest of the game was glorified garbage time, with the big guns sitting early and calling it a night and that was that. The rockets are left to ponder what’s next. Is it time to see if the team works better with Ty coming off the bench to lead the second unit? Should Montrezl Harrell see more playing time? Why did K.J only see garbage time and how come Jason Terry and Marcus Thornton did not play a minute in the game?

I’m not sure what Kevin McHale is thinking right now but something definitely has to change and quickly if we want a shot at not falling to 0-3 against Miami and even scarier not losing our upcoming matchup against what should be a red hot Thunder who look to be firing on all cylinders after their double overtime thriller against the Magic.

Box Scores Below:

houston box score golden state

gs box score

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