3 Men and a Beard: The Houston Rockets Podcast 2015-10-26

Our first Podcast on the Houston Rockets. We haven’t nailed down the title yet. But one step at a time, you know? This first podcast is mostly just previewing the Rockets season. We talk about how we think Ty Lawson will mesh with the team. Also make our predictions for how we think Houston will fare compared to the rest of the west.

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  1. Rocky says:

    Nice podcast guys. Something to think about when talking about post offense is that the rules for defense have changed. It is much harder to score from the post then it was for Dream or Shaq because you can now double team a player without the ball. Consequently a good post up starts drawing the early double team. This is why puck and roll is the go to for bigs or the shot from the elbow which you see guys like Duncan and Blake Griffin or Aldridge going to. Even a good post player like D-Mo is going to have limited touches do to the early double teams. The best way around this is to use a perimeter player who handles the ball well can dribble into the high post. LeBron does this and Harden may be adding that to his game.

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