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Bulls’ options this summer 0

Bulls’ options this summer

If you think this season is a bust regardless, you understandably think Pau should still be gone, but there might yet be some hope for the offseason. So, let’s look at our depth chart:...

GIFs of the game: Bulls vs. Cavs Highlights 0

GIFs of the game: Bulls vs. Cavs Highlights

Cavs had fired their coach, and are clearly a superior team so far this season. So naturally, these ridiculous Bulls pummelled them. [View the story “Bulls vs. Cavs Highlights” on Storify]


Hornets Absolutely Destroy Bulls 130-105.

It was hard to not be confident that the Bulls would go into tonight’s contest against the Hornets and anticipate a Bulls win. All of the night’s match-ups seemed to favor the Bulls in...