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Free Cheese & Hot Sauce Podcast 2015/09/1

The FCHS crew goes over the starting lineup (and Niko Mirotic) and assesses what they expect from each of them. Will Derrick Rose improve, is Joakim done for? Find out on this episode of...


DeAndre Jordan’s little bit of Bump N’ Grind

All of the following has been written by Justin Manuel 2015 NBA has been one for the ages, filled with emoji’s and tweets that may come to define an NBA generation (especially when Paul...


2014-2015 Season In Review: Taj Gibson

Just like the Hawks won Game one of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals internally, last year Taj Gibson also won Sixth Man of The Year internally. The Secretary of Defense entered last year equipped with...

The Re-Emergence of Derrick Rose 0

The Re-Emergence of Derrick Rose

For what feels like the 50th (and hopefully last) time, I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Derrick Rose has looked really good since returning from injury. Not only has he been...

FC & HS 2014-11-15 0

FC & HS 2014-11-15

On this weeks episode we discuss the last two Bulls games (Pistons and Raptors), discuss the NBA Illuminati, get pissed off at the media questioning Derrick Rose, and try to relate all of this...

FC & HS Podcast Episode 007: Ben Gordon 0

FC & HS Podcast Episode 007: Ben Gordon

In this episode we talk, Ben Gordon, the Kevin Love trade, and why ESPN is dumb.   [Subscribe vis RSS] | [iTunes] | [Stitcher] | [Pocket Casts] Play in new window | Download