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Two Teams Enter 2-0, One Team Leaves 3-0 as Bulls fall to Pistons in OT 98-94.


Hoiball is really nice when it works. The Bulls should, in theory, be able to score incredibly efficiently throughout the game. Shooters are able to get open off of screens, Rose will have room to drive into the paint consistently, Pau pull big’s out of the paint with his shot…

Well, that didn’t quite happen on Friday evening when the Bulls faced the Detroit Pistons, as both teams were locked in a defense battle in the game. Also, both teams just missed the basket an absurd amount of the time. Through the fog of terrible offense and just terrible pace, I was able to jot down a few quick thoughts.

  • The Bulls are lucky that the amount of great offensive centers in the East is minimal. Pau Gasol was absolutely bullied by Drummond throughout the game.
    • As we all know, the Bulls have a wonderful amount of depth and it would’ve been nice to see Hoiberg contemplate letting a better defender (Jo) take some quality minutes when Drummond was on the floor
  • Marcus Morris might be legit. Again, it’s so soon to start praising and loving a player but he’s fitting in with this Pistons team so well as is Ilyasova.
  • Derrick Rose…What the hell happened this game? Disgusting. Terrible. Awful. He’ll bounce back, but it’s rough to see him have his first rough game of the season against a real quality point guard.
  • The Pistons absolutely murdered the Bulls on the offensive glass.
  • Hoiberg’s willingness to play Doug has been great so far this season. He’s been a huge threat from deep and looks so confident in his shot.
  • We saw it last year and the trend continues: the Bulls defense against stretch 4’s is absysmal
  • Joakim Noah is still yet to make a free-throw in the regular season.
  • Butler is picking up where he left off last season in consistently drawing fouls, which was huge in the Bulls keeping this game close at all.
    • Gross shooting night for Jimmy, though.
  • The bench didn’t step up at all tonight. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Bobby Portis play tonight.
  • Tony Snell, pay attention to the damn shot clock. Abysmal offensive awareness.

The Bulls look to straighten out their game-plan as they look ahead to taking on the Orlando Magic on Sunday. The Detroit Pistons will have plenty of rest, as they prepare to take on the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, October 3rd.

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Jonathan Slusar

Jonathan Slusar is a podcaster, NBA analyst, and post-game writer for the Chicago Bulls on MultipleSources.net. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in English, and is an avid opponent to radio jingles.

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