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Suns Lose to Nets in Lottery Battle, 116-106

After losing to the Clippers on Monday, the Suns took on the Nets in Phoenix. In a battle of the lottery balls, the Suns lost the battle, but won the war when it comes...


The ‘It’s Always Sunny In Phoenix’ Podcast

Our first podcast here at Multiple Sources, the Phoenix Suns’ guys talk about the season so far, how the new additions are doing, and what other teams we like in the NBA!   http://archive.org/download/PHXPod001WInto/PHX%20Pod%20001%20w%20into.mp3Podcast:...


Suns Drop Close One to Clippers 102-96

The Phoenix Suns dropped a close game to the Los Angeles Clippers tonight by a score of 102-96.  This game was back and forth throughout until the Clippers sealed the deal late in the...