A horribly biased review – Geelong vs Collingwood


— iloveNCIS7 every time Esava Ratogolea went for a mark

The Cats and Pies looked to notch another win on Sunday at the MCG to remain in the eight and in contention for finals. The Cats after a convincing win against the GWS Giants at home need to get consistent wins while the Pies needed to impress after a less then convincing win against the Lions at the Gabba.

The drama began before the first bounce, with the Cats making their weekly late change with George Horlin-Smith a late in for Scott Selwood (Back). The Pies also had a late change with Scott Pendlebury unable to overcome an ankle injury from last week against the Lions, replaced by Ben Crocker.

The Pies injury woes continued in the game, with Geelong able to defeat a tired and depleted Collingwood by 21 points at the MCG on Sunday afternoon. To the Pies effort, they hung on throughout the game even with 2 on the bench for the majority of the second half.

First Quarter

The Pies of old returned as they struggled to get the ball out of their defensive 50, making kicks that are well above their current skill level and not executing them. The Cats took full advantage with the first goal of the game coming from Jackson Thurlow thanks to a Pies turnover in their half-back. George Horlin-Smith joined in, taking full advantage of poor disposal by the Pies defenders with a goal.

Patrick Dangerfield started up forward for Geelong, but rotated to the midfield at times and seems to be over his pre-season injury troubles. He ended up with 26 possessions, 7 tackles, and 137 Supercoach points, destroying everyones hopes and dreams of picking Dangerfield up for less then 600k.

The Pies quick transition footy troubled the Cats with Daniel Wells having a early shot for goal due to the quick ball movement. If the Pies were able to clean up their kicking down back once again, they would of had a solid chance of upsetting the Cats. Things didn’t get better for the Pies, with Darcy Moore coming off with a hamstring complaint 4 minutes into the game. Moore has already missed four matches with a hamstring injury he suffered in the Pies’ round two loss to Greater Western Sydney. In other injury news, Jamie Elliot suffered a hamstring injury in the VFL against the Cats in the second quarter after sitting out the first.

Geelong by 7.

Second Quarter

Geelong and the Pies inability to kick straight in the 2nd would cost the Pies in particular dearly, with a number of easy goals missed. Five behinds were scored with two late goals coming from Geelong with a Stewart Crameri snap and a Gary Ablett goal on the run.

Collingwood’s yips seemed to be contagious as the Cats struggled to get past their half back with some shocking kicking. Brodie Grundy continued his impressive form, dominating in the ruck in the first half of the game against Zac Smith.

ESAAAAAVAA… dang. That was every Geelong fan as Esava Ratugolea would nearly clunk everything that came towards him. The lack of a consistent tall forward target is not favouring the Cats, who continue to kick it long with no result.

Geelong by 19.

Third Quarter

It was a good start to the second half by the Pies with a miracle goal in the square by Tom Phillips, who then suffered a concussion for his efforts from a accidental knee to the head from Chris Mayne. Whoops. Jordan De Goey joined the party, taking an uncontested mark inside 50 and kicking a goal to bring the margin back to 7 points.

Only on the nine disposals in the third quarter, Dangerfield stopped the Pies momentum with a goal of his own. Menegola kicked two goals in quick succession to bring the lead back up to a game high 27 point margin.

Geelong continued with their strategy of choosing their targets by foot, in contrast to the Pies who stuck with their quick transition football by hand and foot. The Cats seemed to not being playing a ruck in the third quarter, which could of been due to an accidental knee Zac Smith copped from Brodie Grundy in a goal saving smother.

The good news continued for the Pies, with Will Hosking-Elliot kicking a crucial goal for the Pies to bring the margin back to a manageable 20 points. Trelaor was dominating at this point with 28 disposals, but his three misses at goal proved to be costly.

Gary Ablett suffered a high hit to the head from Daniel Wells thigh, but was able to continue the rest of the game and finished with 32 disposals in a impressive game back from injury.

Geelong by 16

Forth Quarter

Oh boy, the Chief is going to lose the plot! A Daniel Wells dribble kick misses in what would of been a crucial goal for the Pies comeback. Right afterwards, Ratugolea and Menegola combine their making abilities to score an crucial goal for the Cats, which makes the Wells miss even more painful. Wells doesn’t help his case again, with a bad miss from 40 meters out not long after.

Tom Stewart continues to push his case for All Australian, winning crucial contest and collecting 28 disposals, with 20 by foot. A standout moment was two important intercept marks and beating his man at half back all within a five minute period in the forth quarter.

ESAAAAAVVVVAA! Don’t fear Geelong fans, he clunked this one! Ratugolea soars over Howe inside 50 and nails the goal. Meanwhile, at the other end, Will Hosking-Elliot kicks the ball off the ground 5 meters out for goal and it hits the post! Incredible effort, rather unlucky with the finish.

Harry Taylor will want to forget one defensive effort in the forth quarter as he was penalised for holding Brodie Grundy. Grundy got the free and sneaked in the goal to bring the lead back to 20. Grundy continued to dominate in the ruck against Zac Smith and ended up with an massive 42 hitouts and 19 possessions.

Never ever dribble Taylor Adams, as a dribble kick for goal didn’t make it past Tom Stewart in the goal square. It brought the Pies to 15 behinds, a woeful day in front of goals for the depleted side.

The rest of the game dissolves into a mess with poor skills by both teams. I don’t think you want me to describe every missed kick by both teams. If you want to replay the game, skip the last five minutes.

More stuff probably happened but I can only type so fast.

Geelong by 21.


  • James Parsons stiff arm on Chris Mayne in the first quarter is a thing of beauty.
  • When the Cats are gang tackling, you know the pressure is on as they average 76 a game, ranking them second in the competition.
  • Mason Cox’s huge mark over Tim Kelly in the 2nd Quarter is a mark of the year contender.
  • Ablett goal on the run late in the second quarter showed that the G.O.A.T is back.
  • Blicavs goal saving tackle in the 3rd on Crocker is a underrated highlight.
  • Ratogolea might give Cox a run for his money, with a fantastic pack mark over Howe in the forth quarter.


Collingwood: Phillips 2, Hoskin-Elliott, De Goey, Grundy

Geelong: Menegola 3, Ablett, Horlin-Smith, Dangerfield, Crameri, Thurlow, Ratugolea


Collingwood: Moore (Hamstring), Phillips (Concussion)

Geelong: Bews (Corked thigh)


Geelong: Menegola, Stewart, Duncan, Dangerfield, Ablett

Collingwood: Grundy, Treloar, Scharenberg, Sidebottom,


Geelong: Gregson, Parsons

Collingwood: Murray, Crocker, Brown

On the Chopping Block

Sam Murray

If you look at the stats, Murray didn’t have a bad game with 19 possessions, 5 marks and 2 tackles. The problem was his god awful kicking at half back. The Pies woes were their poor kicking from half back into the midfield with 18 midfield turnovers in the first half. A 63% disposal efficiency at half back isn’t going to cut it and is a liability.

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