Yes, you didn’t read the title wrong, former Knicks/Clippers and ex-Rocket point guard is back with the squad signing a 2-year deal with a team option on the second year to round out the 15 man roster and play the back up role for Patrick Beverley.

To me this wasn’t a particularly surprising move for Daryl Morey to make as the teams depth at the 1 spot was probably the most glaring hole in the roster, as the depth was more or less just Beverley (that is if we don’t include James Harden, who it seems will be playing more minutes this year at the point). What is a little surprising is that with Pridge seemingly rounding out the 15th spot (assuming d-mo is re-signed and Harrell/Dekker are regularly in the line-up), Jason Terry seems to be left out in the cold. This is not really a concern for me as Terry really didn’t play that well last season and shots that we would usually expect him to make throughout his career, he now seems to regularly miss and his ‘locker room presence’ didn’t really help rally the roster last year so why should we think he has anything left to offer the team, that seems cold I know but I feel that it is also the truth.

Another reason I think us as fans should lean towards the positive on this move is that I still remember the role Pablo played in the Rockets comeback in our second round series against the Clippers in that close out game 7 where he got 3 steals and was pivotal in getting us through to the conference finals: Check it out in the video below

His style of crafty play combined with an excellent ability to effectively run a pick and roll (cannot wait to see him run it with Clint Capela) can really be an intangible that can help the Rockets win a few more games this coming season, and with the dearth of talent remaining when it comes to free agent point guards I think Morey made the right decision running it back with somebody familiar that he can trust and will thrive in the limited minutes that he will most likely be getting.

Welcome Back Pablo

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