Thornton big in 4th quarter/OT of Rockets win

Houston had gotten in to within 2 points in the third quarter but then with 9 minutes left in the game New York’s lead had stretched to 13. They have certainly been here before and were able to make the comeback in the past. Although in fairness, we’ve also been here before and lost even more times. Fortunately this was a case of the former rather than the latter.

This time rather than Harden leading the comeback, it was a combination of Rockets players. Most notably Marcus Thornton who had 18 points in the 4th quarter and overtime, including the 3 that tied the game with 32 seconds left in the 4th.

Other notes:
-Harden had another less than stellar game. 26 points shooting 10-28 from the field. Fortunately he didn’t try to play the hero in the 4th quarter. The ball didn’t get stuck in the hands of just one guy, and fortunately the rest of the team was able to make plays when he passed them the ball he finished the game with 9 assists to only 2 turnovers.
-New York shot 58% from the field. With no Carmelo Anthony. It seemed like more of a fluke shooting night than a sign of anything wrong we were doing on defense.
-How do you lose while shooting 58% from the field? Houston forced 23 TOs (while only commiting 8 on their own), and also gave up only 5 offensive rebounds. Beverly had a season high 5 steals with the team stealing the ball 16 times.
-The Capela/Howard starting line-up got a lot more run in todays game. Defensively it’s hard to say whether it was a success or failure, but on the offensive side of the ball it’s definitely not clogging up the paint.

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