The Nets Get Revenge as They Dismantle the Celtics

After being embarrassed against the Celtics on Friday, the Nets took revenge and played like a different team. The Nets held a 22 point lead during the 3rd quarter, which is the largest lead they have had all season. With Wayne Ellington out for the Nets due to a migraine, Karasev, Bogdanovic, and Hollis-Jefferson all saw their minutes increase. Lopez was able to score 23 points and grab 10 rebounds, giving him his 7th double-double of the season. Jarrett Jack also contributed with 22 points. Joe Johnson also looked a lot better as he posted 17 points on 5-10 shooting, including 3-6 from three.

The second quarter was huge for the Nets, who outscored the Celtics 35-23. The Nets went on a 22-6 run in the quarter and the team really looked to playing with a lot of energy. Even Joe Johnson was out running for loose balls, after he forced a turnover.

Hollis Jefferson forced 5 steals, 4 of which came in the first quarter! His five steals against the Celtics on Sunday is the most by any rookie this season. He was disrupting passing lanes the whole game, due in part to his length. Hollis-Jefferson clocks in with a whopping 7’2 wingspan. He also showed his passing abilities as he roamed the baseline and found Lopez and Young for good looks by the basket. Jefferson definitely has the upside as we have seen and is one of a few players in the league who has a chance of notching a 5×5 (5 points, 5 assists, 5 steals, 5 blocks, 5 rebounds).

One thing the Nets have been lacking during this season is energy, and against the Celtics on Sunday, that was not the case. Everyone on the bench was up clapping and cheering teammates during the course of the game. Even starters like Jarrett Jack and Brook Lopez were getting pumped. Obviously, this year, we don’t have the talent to compete, so as a fan all I can do I ask for hustle and energy.

The box score didn’t tell the whole story. The Nets seemed to control the pace the whole game. It sure did help that the Celtics weren’t hitting open jumpers that they usually knock down. As a Nets fan, I have learned that no lead is safe however.

Besides the Nets rebounding from a brutal loss and getting a win, it was great knowing the Bill Simmons would be eating his words regarding the Nets. Its no secret that the Nets are horrible this year and we basically owe Boston all of our picks until life cease to exist on earth, but Simmons has really been piling on the Nets as of late, so it was basically the cherry on top when Simmons tweeted this after the game.

Simmons is a well known homer and fan, and has even admitted that he is a fan first before an analyst. Its human nature, I get it. But the Celtics are no great shakes this year either. Their team consists of a lot of good role players but they don’t have an excess of talent. Obviously the Nets aren’t any better than the Celtics but Simmons attacking the Nets is like the kid in middle school who is held back a year and plays with the grade below him. Yes, the Celtics are better than the Nets and yes, it helps when you’re a year older than everyone in middle school. But at the end of the day, the Celtics aren’t a threat to make it out of the Eastern Conference, and that same kid in middle school isn’t good enough to play with the kids in his own grade. Its okay to bash the Nets, but maybe next time Simmons should make sure his team is the real deal before he starts talking trash.

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