Every Sun chips in as Phoenix dominates Sacramento


The Suns distributed the scoring fairly evenly in their 118-97 win over the Kings.  Phoenix showed a lot of improvement in shooting, but were still plagued by turnovers.  Fortunately for the Suns, the Kings had a lot of turnovers as well, so it evened out a bit.  Fun fact: every Phoenix player that stepped on the court tonight scored.

The Suns finished the game with 18 turnovers, while the Kings had 17.  The Kings shot the ball pretty well.  They finished the game shooting 47.6% from the field and shot 45.8% from behind the three point line.  The Suns shot the ball extremely well.  They finished the game shooting 54.2% from the floor and 60.9% from three on 14/23 shooting.  There wasn’t really anything the Kings could do to shut down the red hot Suns.

Sacramento was led in scoring by Kosta Koufos who had 16 points, seven rebounds, and added two blocks.  Marco Belinelli and James Anderson both had 15 points.  Rajon Rondo had a quiet night as he finished with nine points.  His six assists were tied for the team high, but he did not have much of an impact.  DeMarcus Cousins was out with an injury and this made a big difference as the Phoenix offense was able to hit their season high in points scored at 118.

The story for the Suns once again was great guard play.  Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight dominated the game.  The chemistry between these two gets stronger with every game that they play together.  It is getting to be more and more fun to watch this team as their chemistry develops.

The Kings might have been more successful if they gave former Gonzaga Bulldog, David Stockton some minutes.  Just kidding!  Is my Zag bias showing?

Anyway let’s get to my usual segment, Which Suns Shone the Brightest?

Eric Bledsoe

As I alluded to above, Bledsoe had an excellent game.  He had a game high 19 points as well as six rebounds, eight assists, and four steals.  He was distributing the ball well and because of this the scoring was a bit more evenly distributed.  Bledsoe is starting to emerge as more of a leader than before.  He’s playing with a bit more passion and emotion.  He is also communicating well.  The only knock I have on Bledsoe is that he continues to turn the ball over too much.  I think he’ll fix this as he continues to get more comfortable this season.

Brandon Knight

You should expect to continue seeing Knight and Bledsoe in this section.  Knight finished the game with 17 points, seven assists, and two boards.  He had a huge third quarter that helped seal the game for the Suns.  Knight also shot 50% from three on 3/6 shooting.  Today’s NBA is all about guard play and Phoenix is developing a very strong, fun backcourt.

Alex Len

Len had a shaky start as he fumbled the ball a couple times and couldn’t get much going at first.  After a few strong rebounds and dunks he started to find his groove.  Len finished the game with 16 points and seven rebounds.  He just has to work on catching passes cleanly and not turning the ball over.  I, for one, am a fan of Len and I think his development behind Tyson Chandler is going to yield amazing results.

The Suns will have some more confidence after this big win.  They’ll try to take this momentum into their next game.  The Suns will face the Detroit Pistons in Phoenix on Friday, November 6 at 7:30 pm MST.

Mitch Krmpotich

Gonzaga University class of 2016. I'm a longtime college basketball writer and a big NBA fan. I'm also a die hard Broncos, Avalanche, Zags, and Suns fan.

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