The Multiple Sources Film Room – The Bucks Passing: Unselfish, Smart, and Making Mismatches.


Despite the Milwaukee Bucks dropping a game to the Washington Wizards on Friday night (which can be primarily attributed to their bench playing terribly), Jason Kidd’s young Bucks squad demonstrated something that’s incredibly encouraging when considering their future: a game of outstandingly efficient passing and unselfish basketball. In addition, the Bucks continued their trend of being able to take advantage of mismatches (as you’ll see in the below video clip, Giannis does an outstanding job creating mismatches on himself off of screens, at one point causing Sessions to guard him).

Some of these do show the Bucks missing shots, but the point is to punctuate the smart passing in last night’s contest. Michael Carter-Williams passes up a 3-point shot to move the ball around the perimeter a bit more in the 3rd quarter and ultimately Giannis misses a 3, but regardless we see some really intelligent passing by the Bucks to not settle on an okay look, rather a great one. On 42 made field goals, the Bucks assisted on 33 of them.

Moving forward, the Bucks need to ensure their bench unit can help in games like this. Admittedly, the Bucks were a bit short-handed last night with Henson and Mayo out.


Jonathan Slusar

Jonathan Slusar is a podcaster, NBA analyst, and post-game writer for the Chicago Bulls on He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in English, and is an avid opponent to radio jingles.

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