Multiple Sources is looking for new contributors!

If you’ve always wanted to do a podcast/blog/video series about your team, get in touch with us via the below form. It can also be found here.

Multiple Sources is an independent podcast and blog network, which evolved from the Free Cheese & Hot Sauce Chicago Bulls podcast. Starting in the 2015-16 season, we’re opening up our platform to fans of other teams and basketball as a whole. So if you’re into the idea of creating podcasts, analytics pieces, video breakdowns, or pretty much any well thought-out pieces of basketball entertainment, get in touch! We hope that by working together to become a destination for fans of every team, we can all succeed.

Dave Barlow

Bulls podcaster and Chief HTML Screwer-upper

3 Responses

  1. Dave Bee says:

    Gosh, that’s exciting.

  2. Dave Bee says:

    Very exciting indeed.

  3. Connor Curran says: here is our podcast we did for the raptors preseason let us know if you want us to do more we’d love to join the network.